The trip to the English Theatre - mit Unterstützung der Bürgerstiftung Kelkheim

On Monday, 28th June 2021, the seventh graders of Eichendorffschule went on a trip to the English Theatre in Frankfurt to watch the play „Huckleberry Finn“. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun there!

Before we took the train, we had met in the classroom and, of course, first of all had tested ourselves for Corona (luckily everybody was negative J). Then all three classes walked to the train station in Kelkheim-Münster and took the train to the „Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof“. After going by foot to the theatre we were allowed to go in and look for our seats. All classes had to sit separately. After a while the actors came in and the play started.

The story about a Huck Finn who tried to escape with his friend, a slave called Jim, from a Slave State to a Free State was really interesting and inspiring. Even though the play was pretty sad, it was nice to watch, and the actors did an amazing job! Sometimes it was hard to follow the story because the play took place in Missouri/US and so they had a strong accent, but of course, it was a good exercise to improve our English skills.

When the play was finished, we still had some time so we were allowed to buy something to eat and to drink in Frankfurt – some of us went to Starbucks and others bought ice cream and bubble tea. At the end of this amazing trip, we took the train back to Kelkheim.

We are very grateful for the teachers who took care of us and for the „Bürgerstiftung Kelkheim“ which made this possible for us, it was a really awesome experience and a nice play with a fascinating story!

Mia Bruder and Annalena Fuchs (G7B)

​​​​​​​English Theatre 2021

Picture of G7A / G7B / G7C in front of the English Theatre Frankfurt